Would you like to join Myko on this great sustainability adventure?  Are you interested in becoming a:

Team member.  Do you like what we’re doing and want to be part of the team?   Fit is everything for a small and agile team like ours. Fill out our contact form describing your interests, education, experience and how you see the fit.  If we see a potential match we will get back to you to see if and how we can collaborate to create change.

Research partner.  The Myko climate impact platform is just the beginning.  It is an open platform. We want to collaborate with researchers interested in the wide range of impacts that are affecting our life on this beautiful blue planet. Please contact us.

Beta tester.  Myko is regularly conducting experiments to better understand how to make it easy for individuals, communities and businesses to change their behaviour in favour of the planet.  If you are interested in participating in our next round of experiments please contact us here.

Available Positions with Myko

Updated Sept 8, 2020 – Research Associate

Updated Sept 8, 2020 – Research Associate